Costa Rei, Sant’Elmo and Castiadas

One of the best destinations in Sardinia

The stretch of coastline in South Eastern Sardinia that includes Costa Rei, Castiadas and Sant’Elmo forms an ideal triangle, perfect to explore Sardinia and its sea, its beaches, its history and its archeology.

Costa Rei and Sant’Elmo are seaside towns, residential and lively mainly in the summer, nonetheless featuring all sorts of entertainment and attractions. Castiadas, on the other hand, is a small inland town surrounded by cultivated fields, biological farms, archeological sites, shepherds’ pens and a landscape that at times smacks of the far west.


Costa Rei

Costa Rei is one of the best holiday destinations in Southern Sardinia, thanks to its kilometer long beaches.

Costa Rei is mainly a long stretch of easily accessible beach, but, thanks to tourism, once made up mostly of second homes, it has developed into a summer village that consists of holiday homes, resorts, hotels and facilities by the beach.

Costa Rei stretches for about 10 km, from Porto Pirastu to Cala Sinzias and has its ideal center at the foot of Mt. Nai.

The nightlife, the entertainment, the pizzerias and restaurants are concentrated in a few squares of the town: Piazza Rei Marina, Piazza Italia and Piazza Sardinia.

The majority of the beaches of Costa Rei are protected by dunes covered in junipers, rush and Mediterranean maquis, or pine forests that create small shady areas.

Costa Rei is an ideal destination for family vacations: the water is shallow, deepening slowly, and there is a lifeguard service in place on the majority of the beaches.

On the beach, kiosks, bars and tourist cooperatives give you the opportunity to rent beach umbrellas and loungers, kayaks, wind surf boards, kite surf boards, and paddle boats. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for a bite to eat by the sea.

If you are a curious traveler and love archeology, Costa Rei and the surrounding area has plenty of amazing surprises to offer. Costa Rei’s main attraction, and an absolute must, is the Piscina Rei megalithic monument, about 200 meters from the beach. 22 menhirs arranged in groups dating back to Roman settlements.


Castiadas is a unique holiday destination: the sea is only a few kilometers away, the pace of life is pleasantly slow, there are few tourists and you can enjoy a truly pristine Sardinia.

Castiadas has been inhabited surely since the Pre-Nuragic era, as shown by the Nuragic complex, the menhirs, the domus de janas and the tombs of giants that can be found in the area, often on private land.

In the locality of Praidis there is the old penal colony, which gave the impulse to found the modern town of Castiadas. The area surrounding the town of Castiadas, once barren and covered in Mediterranean maquis, is now the headquarters of many agricultural companies, some biological, whose production of lemons and oranges, but also wine, is among the best in Sardinia.


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